Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Great Pattern

Here is another great and very easy to follow pattern! This is for the Bubble Skirt from Trey & Lucy! This was the easiest thing I have made so far and it turned out beautiful! It was also the very first sewing project that I didn't mess up on and have to go back a million times to fix! :) Yay! I'm getting better! And the best part about this skirt is its reversible! So head on over to Trey & Lucy HERE and get this pattern!

I tried to get a picture of Paige wearing it but she would not let me take her picture!! She's being a little stinker with the picture taking lately!

Great way to use some old t-shirts!

If you have a little girl you have to go over to Lil Blue Boo and buy the Sienna Dress Pattern!! It is the cutest little dress and whats best of all is you make them out of old t-shirts! I bought the pattern about a month ago and got straight to work. I finished all of it except for the neck... for some reason I was terrified of doing the neck, I was certain that I was going to mess up the entire dress I had worked so hard on. Well I finally finished the neck a couple of nights ago and it wasn't as hard as I thought it was! Here are my first 2 dresses! I will definitely be making a bunch of these for spring and summer for Paige!

I could make a million of these!!

As I was browsing around I saw a great tutorial for these super cute flowers from Heather Bailey! You can get the tutorial HERE. They would be perfect to attach shirts, purses, headbands, etc...
I made a small one yesterday and you can whip up a bunch of these in no time!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paigey's new dress!

I've been wanting to make little clothes and dresses for Paige ever since I got my sewing machine for Christmas but I have been so nervous! I am a very beginner sewer and I can barely sew a straight line. But I saw this cute dress on Ruffles and Stuff and it looked simple and I thought "I can do that!" I found a plain shirt of Paige's and some fabric that matched. Well, the dress is completed. Is it perfect? Absolutely not...but I still love it! It's something that I made and I feel proud of myself! Did it take me a lot longer than it should have? Oh ya! I cannot count how many times I had to stop and fix something that I messed up! :) But I guess this is how you get better... you just have to keep trying and learn along the way. Paige will look cute in anything I put her in anyways! You can check out the tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff HERE
I love making these fabric yo-yo's! They're easy, fun and perfect for adding a little something extra!

Oh how I love Burlap!!

I'm totally in love with burlap now! I've seen all these great ideas everywhere for all kinds of burlap projects and it's so cheap too! I had a bunch of it for awhile that I got in the fabric remnant area at Hobby Lobby that was on clearance and I finally started using some of it! I had this old canvas lying around that my husband kept bugging me to throw away (so happy I didn't!) and I covered it with the burlap.
I wanted to stencil on a fleur de lis but I couldn't find a stencil large enough so I just made my own. I just found one on the internet that I liked, printed it out and traced it on cardstock and cut it out with an exacto knife. Then I stenciled it on the burlap. I just used craft paint in burnt umber.
It looked kind of plain so I took some decorative tacks and hammered them in around the edges. It turned out great! So easy and it didn't take long at all!
(Paige decided that it needed a little something extra so she took a pencil and gave it a few good markings in the bottom left corner! I think that was just what it needed! Thanks Paige!)

Next I want to make some of those really cute burlap placemats!!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Bear Hugs"

When I saw this idea on Trey & Lucy I knew thats what I wanted to give to grandparents and Bryce's teachers for Valentine's Day! It is so cute and simple...just fill up half the jar with teddy grahams and the other half with Hershey Hugs and you have a jar of bear hugs! And decorating the jar always makes it cuter! My husband even wanted me to make some for the ladies in his office, isn't he so sweet?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Easy Placemat Pillow

This has got to be one of the easiest projects ever!! Just find a placemat that you like and open up a piece of it... stuff it with the polyfill... sew it closed and Voila! You have a pillow! I found a little cowboy/western one on clearance at Kohls and it was perfect for my sons room! We have a little western theme for his bedroom. It turned out great and he loves it! He thinks that its a pillow to sleep on though! He insists on sleeping on it every night and he says it his favorite pillow cause Mommy made it for him! :) How sweet is that? He's such a momma's boy...I love it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thrift store canisters

I've been wanting to find some canisters for my kitchen counter but I just couldn't make myself spend the money on some at the store. Yes, Im cheap! But I'm not working anymore so we have to save money where we can! I was at the thrift store last week and I saw this set of canisters for $4.00!

These didn't really go with my decor but I figured my new best friend, spray paint, could help me out! When I told the sweet old lady checking me out that I was going to spray paint them she was horrified! She did not understand why I would do that to these beautiful canisters!
I used a color I already had, Rustoleum Claret Wine. The red matched my kitchen perfectly. And here they are... Not too bad for $4.00!
I think they need a little something extra to them though, I just can't figure out what to do! Any suggestions??

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chalkboard Mirror

I've seen all kinds of posts about people making chalkboards and the husband has been wanting one for the kitchen so I set off to find an antique mirror. That might be easy for a lot of you but in little old Lake Jackson, Texas it took me awhile! But I finally found what I was looking for in a used furniture store. It was perfect!

And I loved the design at the top of it!

I sanded the mirror down and spray painted it. I used Rustoleum Heirloom White. It took quite a few coats. This mirror was so heavy ( I could barely lift it) and I figured it was too heavy to hang on our cabinet so I took the mirror out and just used the back piece of the wood for the chalkboard part. I used chalkboard spray paint on the wood insert. I think that if I ever do another big chalkboard I will use the just regular chalkboard paint that I can roll on instead of the spray. It will probably be a little easier to get even. After everything was dry I put it all back together. I sanded the edges down a little bit to distress it and rubbed a glaze on to antique it a bit too. I used Ralph Lauren glaze and it was so easy! You just brush it on, wait a few seconds then wipe off! And here is the finished result! I was very proud of myself for my first bigger project! I thought it turned out great!

(Sorry about the quality of the photo! It was hard to get a pic close up, but you can kind of see!)

And then it's perfect for your son to draw crazy monster pictures on! :)



Here I am!

So... I am new to the world of blogging. After looking at other craft blogs the last couple of months and seeing everyone share their projects I thought, "I want to blog!" So here I am! In the past I never thought of myself as a very creative or crafty person. I admired everyone's work with, I admit, a little bit of jealousy. Then one day a lightbulb went off in my head saying "There is no reason why I can't do that too!" I found a couple of blogs and started following them and now my crafting has become an obsession! I also got a sewing machine for Christmas (Thanks Jamie!) so I'm dabbling into sewing a little bit too! I also got a Cricut for Christmas (thanks Mom!), which is the coolest thing ever!! How did I make it without a Cricut before??
I have the most amazing family! My husband works hard for our family so I have the opportunity to stay at home with the rugrats. There is Bryce, who is 4 and Paige, who is 14 months. They are the greatest and always keep us laughing!
I look forward to sharing some of my projects with everyone as I make my way into blogland!