Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh how I love Burlap!!

I'm totally in love with burlap now! I've seen all these great ideas everywhere for all kinds of burlap projects and it's so cheap too! I had a bunch of it for awhile that I got in the fabric remnant area at Hobby Lobby that was on clearance and I finally started using some of it! I had this old canvas lying around that my husband kept bugging me to throw away (so happy I didn't!) and I covered it with the burlap.
I wanted to stencil on a fleur de lis but I couldn't find a stencil large enough so I just made my own. I just found one on the internet that I liked, printed it out and traced it on cardstock and cut it out with an exacto knife. Then I stenciled it on the burlap. I just used craft paint in burnt umber.
It looked kind of plain so I took some decorative tacks and hammered them in around the edges. It turned out great! So easy and it didn't take long at all!
(Paige decided that it needed a little something extra so she took a pencil and gave it a few good markings in the bottom left corner! I think that was just what it needed! Thanks Paige!)

Next I want to make some of those really cute burlap placemats!!



  1. Tiffany, Very chic and updated. You really did a wonderful job making the fleur de lis- especially making your own stensil. Good call on the decorative tacks, they add a real professional look. Kudos to you!

  2. Wow this is so simple and beautiful! Love the stencil you made - looks fabulous!

  3. Really cute, love the bail head trim!!

  4. I love the tacks around the edge! This is beautiful!

  5. I love it! So simple, yet so beautiful!!!

  6. Very cute! Thanks for the idea. I happen to have a ratty canvas AND some burlap. What a great way to use it -- was thinking of throwing it away too!

  7. This looks fabulous. Lovely creativity!