Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hair Bow Holder

I have a bunch of little hair bows for Miss Paige (even though she doesn't have any hair!) and I always just threw them in a little drawer and I was always misplacing them! I've seen a few of these ideas here and there. I got just a plain unfinished wooden frame from Michaels (50% off--always buy stuff on sale ladies!) some pink spray paint and ribbon.
Spray paint the frame, when that was dry I hot glued the ribbon on the frame making sure it was pulled tight so the bows won't be flopping around. And then it's ready for some bows!
I also sanded the edges of the frame a little bit and added some glaze to it but you could just leave it plain too! So easy... and inexpensive! Only cost me $6.00! $4 for the frame and $2 for the spray paint, I already had the ribbon at home. I know that most everyone already knows this but if you go to Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Joann's websites and sign up to receive their emails they'll send you 40% coupons every week!


  1. We use a ribbon memo board for our bows and it works great! Yours turned out fabulous. When she gets a lil older and starts wearing even more bows you can make another and hang it below so SHE can hang them up. My 3 year old really enjoys putting her own bows away. Hugs, tara

  2. This is adorable!! Maybe just one day Ill have a little girl so I can do this!! All of your craft are amazing Tiffany! Thanks for sharing!!- Ash