Monday, February 15, 2010

Sewing the Spring Wardrobe!

I have really been into sewing little clothes for Paige lately, so I thought "Why not make a lot of her clothes for spring/summer?" She'll look so cute and everything will be original! And not to mention it'll save us some moola! I've found a bunch of really cute, easy to follow patterns at You Can Make This.

Here's my first one, I loved this Double Layer Dress Top by Faith! And it has this big bow you tie in the back that is just too cute! And it was so easy to make and the directions with the pattern were great!

(It's so much cuter on!)

Next I did the Sweet Dress by Leila & Ben! Another great and easy pattern!

And for last I made another Sienna Dress from Lil Blue Boo pattern! My husband loves Star Wars so I figured I'd make him proud and make Paigey a Star Wars dress!

(This is her new "cheese!!" face...she's such a ham! My kids keep me laughing all day!)

It turned out really cute! I plan on making a lot of these for the summer! They're cool and lightweight which is perfect for these HOT Texas summers!

Now my little stinker has not liked being very cooperative with the camera lately so the only one I could get her in and take a halfway decent picture of her was the Star Wars dress!

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